Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you (the Hirer) and Tru3 Events (the Owner). Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Owner, these terms and conditions are attached to all transactions for the hiring of equipment by the Hirer from the Owner.
The following conditions apply to the hire of any item including marquees and any other piece of equipment by us, Tru3 Events  (the owner) to you, the hirer. In these conditions, the word ‘equipment’ includes any item hired by us to you, including cross-hired items we may have to source. The terms of these conditions can only be altered with our written agreement.
Unless stated in writing all orders are accepted subject to the Terms and Conditions of hiring as below and the Client, by making a deposit payment is deemed to have acknowledged this.
The Hirer shall be liable for payment of hire charges as from the time for which the equipment is ordered (which shall be the commencement of the hire period).
– The Services are as described on the invoice/quotation.
– Any variation to the Services must be agreed by the Owner in writing.
– The Services shall commence on the start date specified in the invoice/quotation and shall continue until the finish date specified in the invoice/quotation or until terminated in terms of this Agreement.
– The commencement of the Services is dependent on the Owner having adequate materials and labour available at the anticipated start date and the Hirer giving the Owner reasonable notice of the intention to require the Services.
– The Services shall be carried out at the Site or any other location that the Owner agrees with the Hirer in writing.
– The Owner reserves the right to make any changes to the specification of the Equipment as described in the original invoice/quotation which may be required to conform to any safety or other statutory obligations that become applicable.
– The charges for rental shall be at the rates shown in the price list current at the commencement of the hire or such other hire charges as may have been agreed in writing between the Owner and the Hirer.
– A minimum deposit of £100 shall be payable by the Hirer to the Owner in advance of the provision of the Services to be held as security by the Owner for the duration of the agreement. On termination of the agreement the deposit shall be refundable in full to the Hirer less any amounts deducted to cover damage, loss, payments due or other costs covered by this Agreement.
– The deposit is not refundable in the event of the following;

– The Equipment must be returned in a clean condition at the end of the services unless the hirer has requested cleaning services as specified in the invoice. If such an arrangement has not previously been agreed prior to the commencement of the services a penalty charge of £45 will be payable by the hirer if the equipment is returned in a dirty condition.
– A clearance/dismantle charge of £30 will be applied to the hire if the operatives/staff are required to clear the inside content or stack the chairs & tables within a marquee orvenue, returning it to the condition it was provided at the start of the hire.
– The hirer is liable to pay any additional charges that may apply at the time if a replacement marquee is required due to incorrect measurements provided by hirer.
– The Hirer is responsible for reimbursement of any damaged, lost or stolen equipment once the hire has commenced.
– The hirer authorises Tru3 Events to charge their credit/debit card on file for any cancellations fees, damages or hire extensions.
– The Hirer must settle all payments for equipment & services 5 days prior to the commence of hire.
– The Owner is entitled to recover all reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining payment from the Hirer where any payment due to the Owner is late.
– The Owner is entitled to vary the price to take account of:

– The hire commences at the time the equipment is delivered by the Owners and continues until the agreed time of collection. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to inform the Owner of intentions to either terminate or extend the hire.
– If the Hirer fails to make equipment available for the Owner’s transport or appointed agent at the agreed time of termination of the hire, then Hirer will be charged an addition days hire rate.
– The Hirer shall during the period of Hire be responsible for the maintenance and safe custody of the company’s equipment from completion of erection until dismantling.
– The Hirer must be satisfied with the equipment before use and should notify the company of any miscounts, incorrect deliveries or unacceptable equipment before use.
– The Hirer agrees to pay for any damage to equipment & furniture whilst in their custody by a means of deduction from their deposit.
In the event that you cancel your booking, any deposit that you have paid shall be forfeit. In addition, you will be liable to pay the following percentage of the hire charge quoted dependent on the period of notice given prior to date of commencement of the hire. The deposit shall be deducted from the percentage payable.

You must have the site available and in a suitable condition for the erection of the equipment at the time stated for delivery. You should either be available personally or have a representative available at the site at the time stated for delivery to check the equipment delivered and sign the appropriate Delivery Note. Providing there is no outstanding balance on the invoice and we have made contact with you and neither you nor you representative are on site at the time of delivery.

The equipment shall be delivered and collected at such time and place as shall be mutually agreed between the Owner and the Hirer. The Owner shall do its best endeavours to comply with any delivery schedules but will accept no liability for non-delivery for reasons beyond our control:

All equipment hired remains at all times the sole property of Tru3 Events. You may not sub-hire or part with possession of the equipment and you may not allow any lien or encumbrance to be created over the equipment
It is the Hirer’s responsibility to make sure that all people who use the equipment are properly instructed in its safe and correct The Hirer shall ensure that the equipment is not misused, and that supervision is at all times adequate.
In the event that we fail to fulfil any terms of the hire contract our liability is limited to refund or cancellation of any hire charges. Under no circumstances shall we be liable to you for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss or profit or otherwise) cost expenses or other claim for compensation whatsoever whether caused by the negligence of ourselves, our employees or agents or otherwise which arise out of or in connection with the hire of the equipment and our entire liability under and in connection with the hire contract shall not exceed the amount of hire charges. This condition shall not apply to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

If you require us to move any marquee already erected for any reason which is not our fault, you will be liable for an additional charge.
 If for reasons beyond our control any item of equipment booked is not available for the period of hire, we reserve the right to substitute an alternative size of marquee or other equipment to meet, as near as possible, your requirements. If we do so you will not have any claim against us. In the event that we cannot substitute suitable alternative sizes of equipment we shall notify you of cancellation of the contract in which event any deposit or other monies paid by you will be refunded immediately, but otherwise no claim shall lie against us.
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and wales and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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